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Training and Activity
Strengthen your bond by using Cat Agility products.

Activity for Cats - Cat Agility

Sneaking up, chasing, pouncing – all this is innate cat behaviour. If cats cannot act out their hunting instincts, they become bored and lazy or even display behavioural problems. This is often underrated by cat owners.

In collaboration with cat expert Helena Dbalý, TRIXIE has developed products that challenge the cats and stimulate them mentally as well as physically.

You will see - the training is fun for both you and your cat, and it strengthens the bond between you, increases mutual trust and simplifies communication between cat and owner.

Simply try it!


A positive feedback in the form of a treat tells your cat that it has completed the task successfully and links the training to a positive experience.

Agility Balancing Set

The set consists of two caves and a balancing pole. This can be fixed at two different heights and connected to form two different lengths. There are innumerable combinations of tasks and training methods with this balancing set. The caves with plush covers and sisal scratching surfaces can also be used as a cat tower for cuddling and scratching when stacked one above the other.

Soft Clicker

Learning with the help of the signal tone method – clicker training is suitable for basic training as well as for elaborate stunts and tricks. The soft tone of the TRIXIE Soft Clicker is particularly suitable for sensitive pets.

Agility Slalom  and Hoops

The set consists of three stable slalom poles and a hoop for moving through or around. To raise the level of concentration required, the elements can be repositioned in new combinations again and again.