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Rabbits - our furry friends in winter
Most rabbits can be kept outside all year. What you need to pay attention to:

Keeping Rabbits Outside in Winter

Most rabbits can be kept outside all year round. If they are used to living outside all year, they will have no problems in winter. As soon as it gets cold, they will grow a thick fur within days.


The change from being kept inside to being kept outside (and vice versa) should be avoided. This upsets their body's ability to regulate the temperature and can lead to illnesses such as the dreaded rabbit cold.

Rabbits are very sensitive to draughts and wet conditions, therefore the hutch should be insulated from all sides and be placed where it is protected against wind, rain and snow. Plenty of dry litter as well as hay and straw serve to retain the heat well - wet litter has to be removed daily.

A sufficiently large open-air enclosure allows the rabbits to keep warm by moving. The ground can be covered with bark mulch, so the animals do not run through mud.

Several animals together can warm each other and love an additional small hut for cuddling into.

Fresh food and water (in a warm bowl) should be given in the morning if possible, to avoid it freezing quickly. Insulations for drinking bottles are recommended. Special caution is necessary: if there is strong frost, little mouths or tongues can get stuck on the frozen metal pipes.

Check your rabbits and their surroundings regularly. That way you can react in time if temperatures drop and the weather changes.