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Spring: Bunnies outside!
The days are getting warmer, you can plan the outdoor season for your rabbits and guinea pigs.

Spring: Bunnies outside!

Guinea pigs having a delightful race with each other, rabbits jumping into the air with joy before grooming each other – when the days get longer in spring, many pet owners look forward to the outdoor season.

Fresh air that strengthens the immune system, green grass that grows and sufficient space and room to move (occasionally also in order to retreat) – these are positive aspects that most pet owners cannot provide indoors.

There are a few things you should pay attention to:

Animals that have spent the winter indoors can be put outside for a few hours during daytime if the weather is good. However, they can only spend their nights outside when the night frosts are over.

Naturally rabbits and guinea pigs look forward to fresh young grass. Here you have to be careful, however, as large amounts can lead to life-threatening dyspepsia. Prepare your pets by feeding small amounts of grass for a few days and increase the amount before letting your pets out to graze. A good meal of hay is an ideal snack before your pets go out into the garden. It provides optimal preparation for their digestive system.

As soon as your pets stay outside for more than one or two hours, they need a supply of hay and water. A sheltered area for retreat is important as well. Your pets will enjoy using it, not only for their nap.

Outdoor runs should always be protected by a net or mesh from above, so that guinea pigs and rabbits a safe from cats and birds of prey. As a lot of tame rabbits enjoy digging, the run should be secured into the ground as well.

Once the night frosts are over and your pets live outside permanently, their outdoor run needs sun protection. The movement of the sun should be taken into account, so that there is always a part of the run in the shade.