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Dog Activity Strategy Games
A useful activity for indoors: strategy games offer playful fun as well as intellectual challenges for every dog.

Dog Activity Strategy Games

Dogs are very intelligent and inquisitive animals. They do not only want to be kept physically active with games and training, they want intellectual activity as well. Dog Activity Strategy Games help you to challenge your dog time and again, and thus strengthen the bond between you.

TRIXIE has a large variety of different games on offer. These games can be played on 3 different levels depending on the training and skills your dog already has: level 1 is for beginners, level 2 for more skilled dogs and level 3 for experienced dogs.
This means that the games are also particularly suitable for small dogs or older ones.

The games offer numerous easy to difficult tasks. The underlying principle is always the same: treats are hidden under pins, in drawers, behind sliders or in indentations. Your dog then has to find them and get them out. Sometimes several activities need to be carried out in the correct order to get the treat.

The games are made of robust plastic (dish-washer safe) or plastic/MDF and have slip-proof rubber feet and inserts. Training booklets with tips and tricks for optimal training are included.

You can find videos of our games in our YouTube-Channel.