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TRIXIE on a woolly mission!  

Everybody can deal with dogs - but what about sheep? We present a sheep for dogs. The sheep that has found a warm place in the stable at TRIXIE is not just any sheep. Shaun the Sheep, the crazy but loveable character from film and TV, and his friends have delighted children as well as adults for years. That is reason enough for TRIXIE to dedicate to this clay animation character a product series of its own, namely one for dogs. The series consists of cuddly soft cushions and beds, plush toys, latex toys, a cuddly cave, bowls with bases and a bag.

CatSelect – How TRIXIE's new module system for scratching posts works

The new  module system CatSelect – totally easy to convert and expand – offers individual scratching post solutions for every pet and every room. Large or small – there are 55 separate elements available  for creating your very own scratching post. A cat's behaviour and needs can be taken into consideration in the same way as the owner's tastes and the space available. You decide if you want more  elements for sleeping and cuddling or more for playing, scratching and climbing.
Have fun discovering our cat creations for living quarters!